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-- Hiking & kayaking Kalalit Nunat


Towering icebergs in Disko Fiord



Skill level:

Group size:
4 - 6 pax

Kallalit Nunaat -- The land of the people
The largest island in the world Greenland is a land of superlatives. Man simply fades into insignificance. Disko Bay on the western coast -- 300 miles north of the Arctic circle where the sun never sets in the summer -- is such a place holding a culture rich in tradition, high mountains, exciting finds and stable weather. Offering superb experiences highly characterized by the scenery of the ice fiord, the inland ice and its very active glaciers. The area is home to enormous Sermeq Kujalleq, the largest glacier in the northern hemisphere. Producing 20 billion tons of ice while move approx. 60 ft in 24 hours it is the most productive glacier in the world.The 1200 ft deep Ilulissat fjord allows the big icebergs to easily flow toward the open sea. However, they often run aground by the mouth, causing one of the most beautiful sights in Greenland. The largest town in the area is aptly named "Ilulissat" meaning "iceberg". Well-known for its "kaffemik" (coffee parties) and as the birth place of polar explorer Knus Rasmussen. Most recently the area has also become known as the place where "Smillas Sense of Snow" was filmed. In the regions short but hectic summer, color splashes everywhere and chances are you will see musk ox calves playing on the tundra, while beluga whales, huge flocks of birds and seals play in the surface of the water. Obviously this is heaven for hikers and sea kayakers alike!
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