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tinerary for "The End of The Road"

Day 1:  Arrival in Thompson, MB Canada afternoon. Welcomed by Mille Pregont Porsild and Paul Pregont who will drive you to Gillam. When settled for the night we have a lite meal; Followed by our first information meeting, where we go through and check your gear. You are also introduced to your other partners of our expedition - the Polar Huskies - before it is time for a deserved night of rest..

Day 2:    We start early in the morning by introducing our equipment. We talk about safety, dressing properly, frostbite, how to set up tents and how to operate our shotguns, radio etc.. After a  hearty lunch it is time to hit the trail! We load up sleds, harness the dogs, and head out into the wilderness, enjoying the scenery, and quiet sounds of the dogs and skis. We usually travel into the late afternoon, until we reach our choice of camp for the night; Feed the dogs and start preparing for our dinner feast. It is time to stretch out and relax.. underneath the moving strikes of Aurora Borealis! We find the big sleeping bags, crawl in and enjoy deep sleep here in the woods, the only sound being the occasional howling of the dogs!

Day 3 - 5:    We travel on the remote trap line, weaving mysteriously into an old rail-road bed; Established in the beginning of the century when Port Nelson was to become the harbor of  Hudson Bay. Our trail leads us through boreal forest all the way to Port Nelson situated along Hudson Bay coast. We are privileged guest in the world of the arctic accompanied only by its animals. There is a good chance to encounter wolves. We know of several “Packs” roaming the area! Trapper cabins also dot our trail to the coast, here we stop for rest and supplies.

Day 6:     Once we reach the coast, we mush on the riverbed and cross the mighty Nelson River. This is not an easy crossing due to its power. We will have to travel underneath the enormous bridge then up river to cross safely. The sight of the huge barge broken in half as a simple stick, describes better than any words the power of nature, and lets us understand why the project of making this  location THE PORT of Hudson Bay was so abruptly ended leaving Port Nelson & York Factory (established 300 years ago) deserted   from one day to the other. Once across the river we mush into York Factory where we find many remains; One an old depot of the once great Hudson Bay Company fur trade post, built in 1832, which is the oldest wooden structure still standing on permafrost - lets us experience the lives and legends of the great fur traders,missionaries, Native people and mineral explorers. We have reached our first goal which we contemplate with a “banquet dinner” celebrating our journey and the North (part of group will be leaving next morning)


Day 8 - 15: After a days rest we head out on the Coast of Hudson Bay. Less than 20 miles north (a days travel) is the end of the tree line; the beginning of the immense barrens - out here you really experience the dancing Northern lights... We are running along “WAPUSK National   Park”. Wapusk, the Cree word for white bear, home to the world’s largest known white bear denning area. Most families break out of their dens in the deep snowdrifts between late  February and mid-March. The Mother and her cub(s) remains at the den site for one to two weeks - and then head toward the open waters further out on the flow-edge to hunt seals. Chances of meeting these magnificent animals are very high when out on the sea ice. We stay very alert since they are basically impossible to spot when not moving. It is magnificient to see these animals - but preferable on a distance! We mush on the coastline - as we get higher north it becomes difficult to seperate land from sea-ice. We then cross in over the barren somewhat back into the trees. Though tiny trees; shaped in the most amazing postures due to     the harsh windstorms. There is lots of Barren Caribou, snow foxes and other Arctic animals.

Day 16: We mush into the town of Churchill! - A striking place. As all good things it is hard to get to..You can only get there by a 3 day trainride, air or by dogteam! With traces of human habitation leading 4000 years back it sits on a peninsula where the freshwater of Churchill River meets the salt-water of Hudson bay & where boreal forest ends and tundra begins. It’s flora and fauna is unequalled. And its culture outstanding. Being somewhat of a Mekka of the Eastern Arctic Canada it has 2 impressive forts (from 1700), a world aknowledge Eskimo museum, Tundra Domes and much more. As we drive into town, we park in front of our hotel  for the night..Time for a shower!! ( we promise it has never felt this great before..) Followed by a fine dinner, and recounting stories from the trail!

Day 17: After breakfast the morning is yours for a little sight-seeing of town and some final “shopping” - many beautiful native pieces of art are to find. Finally a bite to eat before you depart for home. 


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